Union Steward Handbook


I am pleased to inform you that the latest version of a CLC classic, the Union Steward Handbook, is now available and ready to be shared with your union stewards, members and activists.

For decades, the CLC has provided union stewards with the basic information they need to represent their members. Like the pocket book it replaces, this new version is designed to be convenient, easy to use and reliable. But this version goes further.

The new, digital edition includes videos where stewards share their experiences, and new chapters about the steward’s role in member engagement and in promoting equity and inclusion. Essential information from the print version has been updated and woven into this new resource, which also features an interactive glossary and easy-to-use navigation.

The Union Steward Digital Handbook is available online, published through a new CLC Education app that anyone can download to install on their Android and Apple smart phone and tablet. Once installed, new editions of the Steward Handbook will appear automatically within that app as they become available.

We are preparing materials that will be available in time for Labour Day to help promote this new resource to your members, including post cards to distribute at meetings and events, links for your web sites, and short presentations that CLC staff can deliver at your request.

I invite you to make use of this new resource to its fullest. Please share the link to the web page, where people can find out about the Union Steward Digital Handbook and get it for themselves – https://goo.gl/ENbUaW.

Finally, as always, we welcome any feedback you have. Let us know how we can continue to improve and expand this valued resource in the years to come.

In Solidarity,
Hassan Yussuff, President
Canadian Labour Congress

Town Hall: Workers’ Agenda for Trade Agreements, Tue. July 11th 4-6PM

Please attend this Town Hall meeting at the Unifor Local 88 union hall on Tuesday July 11th, as we set forth the WORKERS’ agenda for trade agreements going forward.
It is critical that labour have a voice at the table to represent the working class.  We have seen massive erosion of workers’ rights and the average Canadians’ rights through these one-sided trade agreements that benefit only the 1%.
We have seen wages driven down, the erosion of health and safety laws, exploitation of workers in countries with little to no labour laws or protections and the increasing pressure upon workers to give more and more concessions as we work longer and harder to make corporations profitable.
It is time for workers to have our say!
If you are able to attend please RSVP to Dan Borthwick, Unifor Local 88 President at dan.borthwick@bell.net.
In Solidarity,
Linda Leyten, President
Oxford Regional Labour Council

Workers Agenda-Fair Trade Campaign Town Hall