Siemens plant in Tillsonburg locks out workers

It has been brought to our attention that the Siemens wind turbine plant in Tillsonburg has locked its midnight and day shifts out of the plant.
The only information that we have been given so far is that employees are to attend a meeting Tuesday at the Tillsonburg Community Centre for information regarding the lockout.
The Unifor Local 88 Flying Squad was made aware of this late Sunday night and attended.
At this time our understanding is that the company will be locking out the afternoon shift as well.
The Local 88 Flying Squad will be there at 2-2:30pm to support these workers and help them in any way they need.
Please join if you can and show support for these workers.
The Siemens plant is located at Talbot Line (Highway 3) and Clearview Dr. just Southwest of Tillsonburg.


Union Steward Handbook


I am pleased to inform you that the latest version of a CLC classic, the Union Steward Handbook, is now available and ready to be shared with your union stewards, members and activists.

For decades, the CLC has provided union stewards with the basic information they need to represent their members. Like the pocket book it replaces, this new version is designed to be convenient, easy to use and reliable. But this version goes further.

The new, digital edition includes videos where stewards share their experiences, and new chapters about the steward’s role in member engagement and in promoting equity and inclusion. Essential information from the print version has been updated and woven into this new resource, which also features an interactive glossary and easy-to-use navigation.

The Union Steward Digital Handbook is available online, published through a new CLC Education app that anyone can download to install on their Android and Apple smart phone and tablet. Once installed, new editions of the Steward Handbook will appear automatically within that app as they become available.

We are preparing materials that will be available in time for Labour Day to help promote this new resource to your members, including post cards to distribute at meetings and events, links for your web sites, and short presentations that CLC staff can deliver at your request.

I invite you to make use of this new resource to its fullest. Please share the link to the web page, where people can find out about the Union Steward Digital Handbook and get it for themselves –

Finally, as always, we welcome any feedback you have. Let us know how we can continue to improve and expand this valued resource in the years to come.

In Solidarity,
Hassan Yussuff, President
Canadian Labour Congress

Town Hall: Workers’ Agenda for Trade Agreements, Tue. July 11th 4-6PM

Please attend this Town Hall meeting at the Unifor Local 88 union hall on Tuesday July 11th, as we set forth the WORKERS’ agenda for trade agreements going forward.
It is critical that labour have a voice at the table to represent the working class.  We have seen massive erosion of workers’ rights and the average Canadians’ rights through these one-sided trade agreements that benefit only the 1%.
We have seen wages driven down, the erosion of health and safety laws, exploitation of workers in countries with little to no labour laws or protections and the increasing pressure upon workers to give more and more concessions as we work longer and harder to make corporations profitable.
It is time for workers to have our say!
If you are able to attend please RSVP to Dan Borthwick, Unifor Local 88 President at
In Solidarity,
Linda Leyten, President
Oxford Regional Labour Council

Workers Agenda-Fair Trade Campaign Town Hall


Message from OFL President, Chris Buckley


As the summer draws near, we want to keep the heat on the government regarding Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act to ensure that meaningful labour law reform is the outcome in the fall.

While winning a $15 minimum wage in 2019 is positive, it is critical that we continue to push for the changes to the Labour Relations Act (LRA) and Employment Standards Act (ESA) that were recommended by the OFL.

Here are two ways you can be part of making it fair:

1) Join our Day of Action on June, 20th

– Call your MPP and the Premier to speak to the needs of workers across our province

– Email your MPP to inform them of the importance of the legislation

– Post on your social media using these hashtags: #MakeitFair #15andFairness #UnionSolidarity #ONPoli #DecentWork

While this legislation is a step in the right direction, workers like you and me, who need changes now must make our voices heard – don’t let Premier Wynne keep you waiting. RSVP here to stay up to date with the Day of Action:

2) Register to present to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs for Bill 148

There are two weeks of public hearings scheduled for this summer (July 10-14 and 17-21).

The committee hearings are an excellent opportunity to further push for amendments to the legislation. The business lobby will be strong, which is why need to register immediately to ensure our voices are heard!

Who should present?

While it is important to hear from organized labour leadership during these public consultations, MPP’s will be particularly affected by the stories of front line workers, those that can share their lived experiences, and can assist in personifying our proposals. We encourage your delegation to ensure it gives voice to workers that will benefit from expanded recommendations and meaningful legislative change, like workers of colour, women, and persons of all ranges of ability.

Contact the clerk for the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs, Eric Rennie today to register to speak on Bill 148.

Eric Rennie – Tel: 416-325-3506 or Email:

Every organization is permitted to register for a presentation and individuals may also make presentations. I strongly encourage you to invite labour leaders and workers throughout your union to register as individuals to further strengthen the voice of labour at these hearings.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have confirmation of the locations for these meetings. However, that information will be shared as soon as it becomes available. In addition, there will be provincial training sessions to ensure presenters are confident and prepared to succeed at each hearing.

Don’t waste any time, call or email Eric Rennie and ask to be added to the speaking list!

In solidarity,
Chris Buckley
President, Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL)