Town Hall: Workers’ Agenda for Trade Agreements, Tue. July 11th 4-6PM

Please attend this Town Hall meeting at the Unifor Local 88 union hall on Tuesday July 11th, as we set forth the WORKERS’ agenda for trade agreements going forward.
It is critical that labour have a voice at the table to represent the working class.  We have seen massive erosion of workers’ rights and the average Canadians’ rights through these one-sided trade agreements that benefit only the 1%.
We have seen wages driven down, the erosion of health and safety laws, exploitation of workers in countries with little to no labour laws or protections and the increasing pressure upon workers to give more and more concessions as we work longer and harder to make corporations profitable.
It is time for workers to have our say!
If you are able to attend please RSVP to Dan Borthwick, Unifor Local 88 President at
In Solidarity,
Linda Leyten, President
Oxford Regional Labour Council

Workers Agenda-Fair Trade Campaign Town Hall