Join us on Tuesday July 19th 2016 from 7:30am until 4:00pm at 17 Underwood Road in Ingersoll, as we will be holding a Solidarity Rally and demonstration for our Sister. We ask for your support in standing with us and speaking up for the right to Parental Leave!

On June 29th 2016 a child was placed with one of our members for the purpose of adoption by family and children’s services.

The employer, Autrans, refuses to acknowledge the legal right of our member to parental leave. Autrans has taken a position that is contrary to section 48.1 of the Employment Standards Act which states that “an employee who has been employed by his or her employer for at least 13 weeks and who is the parent of a child is entitled to a leave of absence without pay following the birth of the child or the coming of the child into the employee’s custody, care and control for the first time, c.41, S. 48 (1).”

Our member continues to be denied by Autrans her request for an unpaid parental leave to care for her child. The right to maternity leave was won in 1971, it is unconscionable that in 2016 we must still fight with employers for this right.

In Solidarity,

Dawn McChrystal, President
Unifor Local 2163, Ingersoll

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